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Reaching Sunflowers

"For the spiritual being, intuition is far more than a hunch. It is viewed as guidance or as God talking, and this inner insight is never taken lightly or ignored."
~Wayne Dyer

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Further Expanding Your Awareness

  1. COMMUNICATING WITH GOD EXPERIENCE:fine-tuning awareness of your feelings.
    TIP:Since your feelings are often an integral part of your psychic awareness, it is helpful to be able to clearly identify your feelings throughout your day. To heighten awareness of the nuances of your feelings, you can create a feelings log, to use as much as is helpful for you.
    Divide a sheet of paper into 3 columns. In the first column, put the time of day, what you are feeling and if you want, what is going on in your day at that time. In the second column, put what desire or need the feeling may be shedding light on, if you know. In the third column, you can put any inspired action you took, based on the information you put in the second column.

  2. "Learning to be aware of feelings, how they arise and how to use them creatively so they guide us to happiness, is an essential lifetime skill."
    ~Joan Borysenko

  3. COMMUNICATING WITH GOD EXPERIENCE:becoming more aware of your inner dialog.
    TIP:While you do your feelings log (above), you may wish to notice thoughts (including self-talk) that go along with the feelings you are having. These thoughts actually create your feelings. So, knowing what they are, you can then choose thoughts that gradually come closer and closer to matching your bliss. And the better you feel, the broader the range of intuitive information you can be open to receiving.

  4. Beach Meditation                       

  5. COMMUNICATING WITH GOD EXPERIENCE:learning about and using regular meditation to cultivate silence, expand psychic awareness, and experience your infinite nature.
    TIP: There are many ways to meditate, with choices in what you focus your mind on, your meditation posture, etc. See which way you are drawn to intuitively, and which one feels best to you. For me, meditation has been the single most powerful tool for expanding my awareness, and I really look forward to it every day!

  6. "Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to
    which you can retreat at any time and be yourself."
    ~Hermann Hesse

    "Meditation is like giving a hug to ourselves, getting in touch with that awesome reality in us. While meditating we feel a deep sense of intimacy with God, a love that is inexplicable."
    ~Paramahamsa Yogananda

  7. COMMUNICATING WITH GOD EXPERIENCE:learning about and using japa - repetition of a mantra that can be done using a beaded necklace.
    TIP:Japa meditation, with or without eyes closed, is a focal tool for the mind with benefits of other kinds of meditation. I love doing japa as I walk in nature silently, and during my day for brief periods of time to help shift my thoughts. One way to do japa without a necklace while walking silently is to use each footstep to say your chosen mantra to yourself.

  8. COMMUNICATING WITH GOD EXPERIENCE:assisting your awakening psychic awareness by focusing on your third eye.
    TIP:Your opening third eye chakra expands your psychic awareness. Just bringing frequent attention to your third eye area (located above and between your physical eyes), you activate this energy center and help heighten your perception.

  9. "Close both eyes to see with the other eye."

  10. COMMUNICATING WITH GOD EXPERIENCE:using psychic exercises/intuition exercises, and other ways of practicing, to strengthen your perceptual “muscles”.
    TIP:The way that people open up to psychic abilities can differ greatly. With psychic exercises, you can learn how to visualize more clearly, recognize psychic information when you are receiving it, and use and expand your psychic abilities. You can also create your own ways of practicing, such as asking your Guidance who is calling on the phone, when the perfect time to call someone is, which line in the grocery store will move the fastest, which elevator will open first, where you can find a parking space, or what page to randomly open up to in a book to find your answer to a question.

  11. "Learning to trust our intuition is an art form, and
    like all other art forms, it takes practice to perfect."
    ~Shakti Gawain

  12. COMMUNICATING WITH GOD EXPERIENCE:understanding how to create personal retreats when you are guided to do so.
    TIP:Setting aside periods of time (an hour, an afternoon, a day, a few days, a week) as personal silent (or non-silent) retreats can open you up to self renewal and self discovery, not to mention a perfect space to explore your chosen psychic training program! Remember to use your intuition to choose how to structure or not structure your time!

  13. "True silence is the rest of the mind; it is to the spirit
    what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment."
    ~William Penn

    Beyond Time                          

  14. COMMUNICATING WITH GOD EXPERIENCE:allowing more experiences of nonlinear time.
    TIP:Becoming more psychic/intuitive involves bringing the Spirit/Soul expression of yourself into your physical experience more and more. And Spirit is not bound by time and space. So keeping an open mind about having experiences of timespace that are not linear as we usually experience them will assist your continued spiritual expansion. Nonlinear experiences can involve precognition (knowing or seeing the future), postcognition (knowing or seeing the past), or present-time cognition (knowing or seeing something occurring simultaneously, but at a distance). Even things like time travel, bilocation, and shape shifting become easier to experience as you embody your soul/spirit more and more in your life. But remember - it is so much more rewarding to keep your main focus on embodying your soul/spirit, the Source of your true joy.

  15. "In the one reality, the only time on the clock is now."
    ~Deepak Chopra

Asking God Within You

  1. COMMUNICATING WITH GOD EXPERIENCE:knowing how to clarify what you want to know from the bigger part of you in Spirit.
    TIP:When you have a question for your Inner Guidance, try journaling about it for maybe 5-10 minutes first. Don’t censor or judge whatever is expressed. This is a first step to clear your mind chatter about your question, and perhaps have a deeper question emerge.

  2. "Journaling is like whispering to one’s self
    and listening at the same time."
    ~Mina Murray, in Dracula

    "When we have arrived at the question,
    the answer is already near."
    ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

  3. COMMUNICATING WITH GOD EXPERIENCE:understanding that you ask not only with your words.
    TIP:When you are asking God within you for anything (information and guidance included), the feeling you hold and radiate out will ultimately be reflected in the answer that comes back to you. You receive clearer answers with clearly intended questions and good feelings about receiving your answers.

  4. "Clear, good-feeling questions allow for
    clear, good-feeling answers."
    ~Karen Whitaker

  5. COMMUNICATING WITH GOD EXPERIENCE:asking questions of BIG EXPANDED YOU in Spirit with the understanding that this divine Essence of your own Being will not interfere with your free will to choose, and is a loving support to your empowerment.
    TIP:Asking what you “should” do, or asking what the future holds is disempowering to your freedom to choose. One possible future may be more probable because you are vibrationally lined up with it, but it is not carved in stone. You can ask about possible futures one at a time - how each would feel and be experienced by you. Then you can ask how to specifically line your energy up with the one you prefer. BIG YOU knows what your greatest desire is, and lining up with it usually means to let yourself be happy, truly happy, as if what you want is already manifested physically.

  6. COMMUNICATING WITH GOD EXPERIENCE:asking from a neutral, not emotional place.
    TIP:When you let go of emotional investment in a certain answer, you open to new, unexpected, unconsidered answers. If you are unable to be neutral, it is better to wait until another time to ask, when you are neutral about your question. Also, when you are first learning to communicate with BIG YOU in Spirit, it may be better to stick to practicing with questions that are already emotionally neutral for you.

  7. "Balanced emotions are crucial to intuitive decision-making."
    ~Michael Eisner
    (click here for more decisions quotes)

  8. COMMUNICATING WITH GOD EXPERIENCE:knowing that asking “yes” or “no” questions or open-ended questions will give you answers from different frames of reference.
    TIP:”Yes” or “no” questions will give you answers based on your current perspective. You are providing the possible answers in this way, and asking about a choice between your answers. Still, this can still give you a tremendous amount of information. Divining tools, such as a pendulum, dowsing rod or muscle testing work well with this “yes” or “no” format. If you want the more expanded, “aerial” frame of reference of Spirit, open-ended questions offer even more information.

  9. Invoking Your Angels                      

  10. COMMUNICATING WITH GOD EXPERIENCE: opening to Spirit forms of angels, spirit guides, or even nature spirits to access intuitive wisdom if you would like.
    TIP:As you ask for guidance and information intuitively, you may wish to first attune to your highest possible vibration (energetic) state of consciousness by invoking your angels, spirit guides, God, or the Divine Essence of other Beings that resonate with Love. There is no one correct way to bring this more expanded vibration into your experience. A simple heart-felt intention or request will do. You might want to attune to one Spirit form of Love at a time, and even for a period of days or weeks, to allow for a developing relationship with each Essence and its energetic qualities.

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"I found Manifest Intuition after having some intense personal experiences with intuitive phenomena. I wasn't sure how to interpret these events, and I didn't feel like I had anyone to talk to about them. I felt very alone, and like I wasn't "in control" of myself or my mind! I was losing sleep and feeling very anxious. So after some internet searching, I found Manifest Intuition and I reached out to Karen for a session to get some guidance from her. In the weeks leading up to the session, I was able to successfully implement some of the techniques outlined on the website to help enhance my intuitive receptivity in a positive manner. I found Karen's guidance and advice extremely helpful. Even though I approached the session with some skepticism, after talking to Karen for just a few minutes I found that I had utmost confidence in her experience. Since our session, my intuitive development has made a complete 180 from a confusing, chaotic, and upsetting experience to a mindful, helpful, positive part of my life. I even captured some happy little orbs on camera this weekend without even trying - to me, this is a perfect indication that Karen helped steer me in the right direction! A session with her is well worth the investment for anyone seeking guidance in their intuitive development like me. I can't thank Karen enough for her great work!
~Cait W., Virginia"


"Karen has the skill to create a safe environment in which you can explore the places where you are the most comfortable accessing your intuition. And, her own intuitive abilities and energy also provide a safe space for this exploration.
~Leigh Perry, Sarasota, FL"


"Just found your material and am so grateful and
delighted 🙏 🙋.
~Tovah Delmont, New Jersey"


"Karen, you have given words to the feelings that were floating inside of me. With your channelling I felt totally affirmed-what I was sensing is so! I want to thank you once again for your powerful and affirming reading. Thank you for channelling me back into a state of wholeness as I resonated with your inner knowing and claimed my true identity and authentic Self. Your channelling is a beautiful gift; a crystal that has so many facets of light inside-each one true, and opening up a path of exploration. I feel Grace in the accuracy and clarity of your words. Thank you for offering me such a beautiful, strong, profound and insightful articulation of my process of growth. Please continue to share your great gift.
Eileen Grizer Feinman


"I've had the pleasure of knowing Karen for several years. We've had regular monthly calls for all of that time and she's an amazing intuitive and healer. Her spiritual guidance has been an integral part of my personal evolution. She is extraordinarily knowledgeable about energy and various healing modalities. And what was most important to me is that Karen practices all of the techniques that she shares with others. There is the highest level of integrity in her work and guidance. She's incredibly generous with her time and her spirit. She works with you from a completely nonjudgmental and objective place. You can trust that what she channels for you is pure. I would highly recommend working with Karen on your evolution into becoming more of who you really are.
~Jackie in Philadelphia"


"Karen, I just finished my Abe meditation and went into my inner being meditation that you recommended [in our session]. Feeling so blissful, my inner being voice recommended that I email you and thank you while maintaining that blissful feeling. So, thank you! :) this is really beginning to bear wonderful fruit. The self loving messages I've been receiving are gradually seeping over into my daily awareness. So, in summary, I'm getting exactly what I wanted. Thank you! :) And it's meeting all the sub goals of appreciating myself in the areas of health, teaching, relationships, and music: I sang and played guitar with my band yesterday the best I ever have and it was the first time we've played together in 6 years!
Happy New Year. :)
~Tom M. in Long Island"


"Thank you so much, Karen, for the impromptu intuitive session this morning! I was feeling a bit knotted up and confused, and your reading, your insights and your encouragement untied those knots and cleared away so much psychological and psychic debris. I am a new person. No, not a new person; just me, really ME again. Joy and light now flow freely again! You are such a wonderful combination of kindness and wisdom and I am grateful to have you in my life.
~Su Crutchfield in North Beach, MD"


"I am incredibly grateful for Karen's intuitive guidance and knowledge. During times of grief, loss and stress I have found comfort and healing from our sessions. She has helped me to embrace who I really am; and encourages meditation and EFT that makes such a difference. There is a feeling of empowerment; and more awareness. It has really made a difference in focusing on positive energy within myself and others. Karen, thank you for your warmth and generous spirit!
~Amy Gifford, North Beach"