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Communicating With God - In the CenterCommunicating With God In Your Center

"There's nothing better than being awake and aware in your Center and knowing you've been here all along."

~Karen Whitaker

Receiving Your Answers From Your Inner Guidance


Knowing what kind of intuitive/ psychic abilities you are already using the most (please check out my article if you have not had the chance to yet).

TIP:  As you ask each question, you can also ask/intend to receive your answer – God’s answer from within - in the intuitive/psychic style you use most. Then you can be on the “lookout” for that style of information showing up.


Allowing yourself to receive answers with greater positive potential impact in your life.

TIP:  You always have the choice to pick thoughts that feel better and better (which then helps you feel better and better and to attract more and more positivity into your life). Working with the Law of Attraction in this way empowers your personal growth and your intuitive/psychic development.

"What you are living is always an exact replication of your vibrational patterns of thought. Nothing could be more fair than life as you are living it, for as you are thinking, you are vibrating, and as you are vibrating, you are attracting—and so you are always getting back the essence of what you are giving."
~Esther and Jerry Hicks in Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness
(click here for more Law of Attraction quotes)


Knowing that Truth has many interpretations, and you receive the right information at the right time!

TIP:  You may get your answer all at once or by bits and pieces over the hours, days or even weeks or more after you ask your question. You always get what you ask for and allow, including answers to your questions! Living with awareness that BIG YOU in Spirit communicates with you all the time in many different inner and outer ways can keep you constantly entertained!


Learning to perceive messages your body is giving you as guidance.

TIP:  Intuitive guidance of the emotions is often felt in the body in ways that you can come to recognize (if you don’t already). Journalling about how you experience energetic contraction or energetic expansion will help you have a body “vocabulary” you can be aware of for guidance. For example, contraction, or a “no” answer, may appear as tension in the jaw or throat, uneasiness, nausea, or having more shallow breathing, etc. And expansion, or a “yes” answer, may appear as lightness, excitement, bubbling up joy, a feeling of ease, relaxation of the body, or a deep breath or sigh, etc.


Communicating With God in the ZoneCommunicating With God In The Zone

Knowing how to start the flow of receiving psychic/intuitive information.

TIP:  When you have prepared your body and mind to receive your answers, and there is no forthcoming information, you can act “as if”. You can pretend to receive your answers, and say to yourself, “If I was getting an answer now, it would be…” This can help you to tap into the right vibrational “channel” to receive your information.

Check to see if you have the expectation that the information come to you in loud, obvious ways. The receiving of information can be more subtle than you may think. And Truth often has very simple messages that you may want to brush off, except for the way that they gently resonate within your heart.

TIP:  Remember that getting into the intuitive receptivity flow is about going with the flow. The flow is your natural state of focused joy, so you get into the flow by releasing whatever resistances (like distracting thoughts, feelings, beliefs) you have to just being in your joy, “in the zone” as some people call it.

You can remember other times you were in this flow state, to bring yourself into alignment with it. Were you lost in music, making love, creating artwork, or playing your favorite sport? Spending some time with memories of positive flow states can help you get back into the flow!


Allowing yourself to be amused and lighthearted to resonate with the more expanded vibrational Truth of Spirit.

TIP:  Having an approach that is humorous and filled with curious delight increases your openness to this intuitive process. When you know how fun it can be, you have no need to resist or block the flow of receiving!


Understanding nighttime dreams and how to work with them.

TIP:  You can “program” your dreams to receive your answers in them. Just before you go to sleep, write the question you have in your journal, and go to sleep expecting that the answer will come. Have your journal or tape recorder by your bed so you can record your dreams before you completely wake up. You can then later ask for guidance about how your dreams answered your question, if it’s not clear to you right away.

"Dreams are the language of the soul."
~Marion Woodman


Trusting your initial answer.

TIP:  Sometimes you may get a quick initial impression that answers your question, feels like your Truth and still you may not like it. When impressions ring true for you, it is important not to disregard them, because that discredits your wisdom.

Trusting yourself and being honest with yourself are a big help here. You can acknowledge the Truth and choose to just BE with it for the time being.
(And click here for my trusting yourself meditation page.)


Learning to be in the state of relaxed intuitive/psychic receptivity for longer and longer periods of time.

TIP:  The longer you can stay in a state of grounded awareness, with a soft focus and a relaxed body and still mind, the longer you are open to receiving your intuitive answers. You get to know with your whole being how to tap into and maintain the state of consciousness that gives you the clearest answers.

What starts out as just one image or word that comes to you can lead to lengthy, powerful conversations. Let your style and preferences for receiving this information evolve naturally, at your own pace.

Interpreting The Answers You Receive


Understanding that the answers you receive come to you in the form of energy that you have a personal translation for.

Your personal translation is in the form of symbols, including words. These symbols can be received through psychic/intuitive vision, hearing, knowing, tasting, smelling or feeling/touch.

TIP:  Making notes in your journal on the symbols you receive intuitively and what they personally mean to you can be very helpful. Chances are, these symbols will show up for you again, and you can establish a system of communication with your Inner Being in this way.

The meaning of the symbols you use can change as you change and grow, too. If you wish to consider the meanings for symbols offered by others, tune in to see if they resonate for you, too.


Knowing when the information you received is from an expanded intuitive place or not.

TIP:  More expanded energetic frequency answers always have a good or neutral feeling, a feeling of “AHA!” openness, or possibly a feeling of relief upon receiving them. They are based in the experience of unconditional love, and include peace, lightheartedness, compassion, appreciation, and abundance/generosity.

If your answers are in any way based in fear or telling you what you have to do, or that you should harm yourself or another, they are not coming from the loving perspective of your Source in Spirit.

If you feel compulsive about harming yourself or another person, please seek the help of someone supportive immediately!


Recognizing when you have doubt about an answer.

TIP:  When you feel less than certain about the accuracy of an answer you receive, first check in to see if you are feeling good, happy, aligned with the higher vibration of love.

If you are, asking for verification is a good next step. It is most helpful if you ask if the answer is in alignment with your Soul’s Truth, rather than a more general question about Truth.

You can also check in with your body and the feelings stimulated by your answer, as I discussed in the section on Receiving, to see if you got “yes” or “no” feedback. Or, you may choose to use a divining tool such as a pendulum to verify accuracy. (See my upcoming article on this.)


communicating-with-god-literal-or-symbolic-pregnancyLiteral Or Symbolic Pregnancy?

Knowing when your answer is literal or symbolic.

TIP:  If you are not sure if your answer is meant to be taken literally or symbolically, ask further questions for clarity.

For example, receiving an image of a pregnant belly could mean that you and your partner are expecting a baby OR that you are perhaps “pregnant” with, or “birthing” something new.

This could, for example, be a project, business venture, creative idea, or even the fullness of a positive, emerging aspect of yourself!

"The important thing is
not to stop questioning."
~Albert Einstein


Recognizing and trusting when you are receiving guidance to take an action, or to just BE, to “incubate” your guidance and await the perfectly guided time to proceed.

TIP:  Once you receive your initial answer, you may have several more questions arise that you can ask to clarify the exact meaning of the information for you at this time.

Remember that God within (the BIG part of YOU in Spirit is One with God, after all!) delights in communicating with you and answering all of your questions! Inspiration to act comes as feeling truly energized and excited and happy when thinking about the guidance. Feeling resistance in any form, wanting to procrastinate, is guidance that it is not yet time to act.

"Unless you are able to bring yourself to a place of feeling good about it, don't take action. So what are we concluding here? Your work is to first find the feeling place, then take the inspired action.
So are we trying to guide you away from action? Not at all. Action is delicious. Act as much as you have physical time, energy, and inclination to act. But always take your point of action from a place of feeling good."

~Abraham/Esther Hicks, 3/12/94


Having the courage to follow the intuitive guidance you receive.

TIP:  When you receive clear intuitive guidance, it’s what your heart desires. It feels good and right.

So having the courage to follow your intuition is about allowing yourself to feel better and better in your life, to have the good you deserve, experience the good you deserve, and be the good that you are!

We are all deserving unconditionally of love, joy, peace, abundance and good in all forms! So everyday, choose more and more to think and feel and know that you are good and loved, and unconditionally deserving of everything your heart desires! (I’ve stressed this a lot – very important!) You will then, by Law of Attraction, feel more and more empowered to allow yourself to follow your intuitive guidance.

The experiences in this psychic/intuitive training program are just the beginning! I hope you have fun exploring these experiences and continue to enjoy opening to your natural guidance.

We were all meant to have easy access to our intuition, including communicating with God within! As Coventry Patmore said, “I tell you these things, not because you know them not, but because you know them. All living instruction is nothing but corroboration of intuitive knowledge.”

My intention in this training program and on this site is to be inspiring you to open further once again to your own inner Truth. Enjoy the journey!

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Be the BIG LOVE you are!

~ Karen Whitaker
Life Transformation Specialist

Last updated April 25, 2017

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