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In this intuitive / psychic training program I’ve compiled a supportive listing of suggested experiences that can be a helpful part of this amazing process of expansion.

With each listed experience there are one or more related practical tips to help you line up with that experience and continue to develop your intuition /psychic awareness. Enjoy all 4 pages of this program!

Psychic Training - Celestial Blue MandalaLiving From Your Center With Psychic Awareness

"Most of us are living at the periphery of consciousness while intuition invites us into the center.”
~Willis Harman

By the way, if you are more familiar with or more comfortable with words other than psychic, please feel free to make substitutions (intuition, psi, extrasensory perception, sixth sense, etc.). 

On this website, I am hoping to encourage more positive associations with all words and experiences that reflect perception beyond our usual five senses.

We all have the power to intend, attract and allow and manifest the positive experiences of our hearts! As our relationship with our inner divinity grows, so does our extrasensory awareness!

So, Why Choose To Do This Psychic Training At All?

Well, it’s fun, uplifting, inspires and quickens your spiritual and personal growth, and enriches all areas of your life. You are inspired to access fresh, new intuitive information, including from broader expressions of Spirit. And yes, this includes communicating with God, your Source - the Essence of which you are eternally one with!

“Words do not teach at all. It is life experience that brings you your knowing.
But when you hear words that are a vibrational match to the knowing
that you have accumulated, then sometimes it's
easier for you to sort it all out.”

This is information you have magnetized to yourself. As you are ready for more, you allow your psychic eyes to be open. You come to know more intimately what is in your heart, and in the hearts of all others. This simplifies, prioritizes and animates your life with love.

"The eyes of my eyes are opened.”

(more intuition quotes)

Consciousness Raising

Like Albert Einstein said,”No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Becoming more open to your intuition/psychic abilities involves consciousness raising. When you include and expand beyond awareness at the subconscious and conscious levels (which can be seen as related to your body and mind, respectively), you merge with the superconscious (which can be seen as related to your Spirit).

Psychic/intuitive information can come from many places – from the purity of the Universal Source, from communication telepathically, from your spirit’s travels, or from the energy fields of other people, places and things. You will give this psychic information your most elevated interpretation when you choose to keep focusing on the uplifting expansion of your consciousness.

Positive and loving thoughts and feelings that lift your spirits are expanding your consciousness. They are literally raising vibration - your energetic vibrational frequency. (More about your energy in my human aura article, and click here for energy quotes.)

You and your life continue to be transformed as you keep lining yourself up vibrationally with the expansive, intuitive answers in your heart.

"Intuition is the outcome of the fusion of
a purified heart and illumined intelligence."
~Swami Ramdas

Attracting Our Answers

Psychic Training - The Missing Piece, Finishing PuzzleThe Missing Piece

With intuitive / psychic training, you learn to ask questions, become receptive and allowing, and play detective to receive and recognize these answers. Sometimes, it’s like piecing together a puzzle with clues. Suddenly your puzzle is completed as you are filled with the peace and joy and appreciation of your “AHA” moment! The mystery is solved as you achieve harmony with your answer.

I have incorporated Law of Attraction (“like attracts like in essence”) principles on this website, including in this psychic training program. I believe it is important to understand our role in co-creating and attracting our experiences and answers, including psychic ones. This helps us to become more conscious in this process and attract what we want. 

The Best Psychic Training For You

There is not one best kind of psychic training for everyone. Each person is unique in their background, beliefs and experiences.

So the best psychic training program for you is one that will start where you are and assist you to open more and more to your natural, intuitively clear and joyful state of being.

As you allow them, tools, techniques, processes, healing and objects can be used as focal points to help you return to your natural state of expanded awareness. But they are not necessary for your releasing of any resistances to your personal growth and natural awareness of Truth. It's a matter of choice, and you can use whatever works for you, whatever you feel good using. As Helen Palmer said, “Intuition training does not create a new set of abilities; instead, it identifies and reduces interferences…”

Make a note of what "interferences", or resistances come up for you as you use the information on this website to craft your own home-study psychic training program.  Clearing these resistances is a key to greater intuitive clarity.

Start with what resonates with you now, what rings true for you as a place to begin. Follow the inner-guided expansion of your awareness and always honor yourself!

Everyone has psychic ability they use to some degree already.  If you'd like, check out my  article on types of psychic abilities to get a sense of the clearest way or ways that you tend to receive this information now. And then return to this training.

Before consciously opening more to your abilities, you may be randomly receiving most of your information (in one or more ways mentioned in my above article). Gradually, you learn to have greater receptivity and focus to access your abilities/awareness at will.

Intuition Training - Learning to SeeLearning To See

"I am learning to see…everything penetrates more deeply within me, and no longer stops at the place, where until now, it always used to finish."
~Rainer Maria Rilke

Developing Your Psychic Awareness

Feel it: You know how to still your body and mind so you can be more attentive to subtle information. You frequently focus on more loving, peaceful thoughts, and raise and expand your conscious awareness. You freely allow yourself to receive more positive extrasensory information. You easily interpret it and then integrate and use it...just as you easily and naturally did when you were new to this planet!

Developing your intuitive awareness can involve several helpful experiences that benefit your general personal growth and development as well. I'll outline some of them in this program. They can happen out of sequence and may overlap.

I expect that you are already involved in at least some of these experiences in some way. Now, with your intention, you can take them a step further!

Your customized training program comes from these experiences and tips. Explore the ones that feel right for you, in your own timing. Use whatever information you are guided to use, and leave the rest. Have fun with this!

"All that I need to know at any given moment
is revealed to me. My intuition is always on my side."
~Louise Hay

Be the BIG LOVE you are!

~Karen Whitaker
Intuitive Life Transformation Specialist

Last updated March 9, 2021

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