Have You Tried These Cool Uses
For Extrasensory Perception /Intuition?

Extrasensory perception-ESP, is another name for intuition that I will use more in this article. I hope that using different names for intuition on this website will help create greater acceptance of all of these terms and a greater acceptance of intuition in general.

Everyone uses Inner Guidance in some way in their lives. It’s just a matter of recognizing when we are receiving the clear guidance, and becoming skilled at interpreting it so we can call on it with accuracy when we need it.

I thought it would be fun to compile a list of some of the cool ways that this kind of perception is used. Some of these examples are professions utilizing ESP. The professionals offer sessions and sometimes also teach classes or offer coaching on their intuitive specialties. As always, use your intuition to choose which professionals to work with.

Medical Intuition - Cool ESP Use #1

As alternative medicine practitioners, medical intuitives use their intuition / extrasensory perception to identify what is underlying physical or emotional conditions. A medical diagnosis is not made, unless the medical intuitive is also a medical doctor. Often medical intuitives share the information they receive in a very holistic way, and encourage client participation in healing/realigning with who they really are. Medical intuitives may also incorporate psychic/intuitive healing.

Psychic Healers - Cool ESP Use #2

      Psychic Healers - Assisting You In
      Reconnecting With Your True Self


Intuitive / psychic healers focus consciously, guided by intuition, to assist you back into energetic alignment with your Source in Spirit.

Aligning with your Source includes energetic shifting and movement that inspires well-being on all levels-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Intuitive /psychic healing may include medical intuition and/or other healing modalities, techniques, or coaching.

Remote Viewing - Cool ESP Use #3

So, what is remote viewing? You are using remote viewing when you intuitively and intentionally gather information about a chosen distant or unseen person, place, thing or situation. Remote viewing as a technique can be learned and practiced to accurately obtain past, present or future-based information for growth, healing, and/or exploration.

Business Intuition - Cool ESP Use #4

Bringing extrasensory perception into the work/business setting is practicing business intuition. A business intuitive offers the service of supporting you in this practice, and you can develop this ability for yourself, too. Business intuition makes work-related decision-making easier, and brings greater presence of the bigger Spirit part of you into your work days.

Animal Whispering - Cool ESP Use #5

             Be An Animal Whisperer!

Whispering is speaking without using the vocal cords. An animal whisperer is someone who is able to communicate with animals by going beyond our usual spoken language. The communication is primarily telepathic and intuitive, more subtle but still clear for those with this ability.

Animal whisperers act as interpreters for other people and the pets or other animals they wish to communicate with. Medical intuition and intuitive psychic healing may also be used in sessions.

"Lots of people talk to animals. ... Not very many listen, though. ... That's the problem.
~Benjamin Hoff

Psychic Channeling - Cool ESP Use #6

With the intention to strengthen the experience of connection with your God-Source, psychic channeling is a means to open your awareness more deeply. You receive a flow of intuitive pure information and communication. Intuitively channeling in this way requires that you be receptive, grounded, and aligned with the thoughts and feelings (energetic resonance) of unconditional love.

Automatic Writing - Cool ESP Use #7

Channeling (see above) through the form of writing is called automatic writing. It is allowing the bigger Spirit part of you to write or type messages through you. You may receive the information in your mind and then write or type it, or have the experience of its expression being completely automatic.

Channeled Art - Cool ESP Use #8

                         Use ESP To
                Create Channeled Art!


Channeling (see above) into the form of any kind of art can be called channeled art. When you channel like this, you allow a flow of the energy of the bigger part of YOU in Spirit to inspire and guide your creations!

You may first receive the channeled ideas mentally and then compose or otherwise create your artwork. Or, you may experience the expression as being completely automatic, as with automatic writing.

"...everybody is an Extension of Source Energy. There is not a person on the planet that cannot achieve vibrational harmony with Source and allow the broader perspective to flow through.
Every artist is doing that to a certain extent, every musician or many are doing it. The surgeon in the operating room is doing it, the basketball player out on the basketball court is doing it. In other words it's Allowing the fuller, clearer part."
~Abraham/Esther Hicks, Houston, TX, 1/13/01

Trance Dance - Cool ESP Use #9

Channeling (see above) through the form of free movement can be called trance dance. As you dance while allowing the energy of Spirit to flow through you, you are energized, inspired, guided and moved (sometimes literally, spontaneously!).

Interpreting Dreams - Cool ESP Use #10

              Your ESP Can Help You
        With Interpreting Your Dreams

interpreting-dreams-dolphin-in turquoise-sea

Dreams can be a powerful and clear means of receiving information and guidance from Source.

Recording and interpreting dreams can give you clarity about your feelings, relationships, experiences, and desires. It’s a means of self-exploration that can help you stay true to your true Self.

Intuitive Eating - Cool ESP Use #11

Foods and drinks are made of energy of differing vibrational frequencies. If we listen, our body/mind/spirit will convey to us what we really are preferring to ingest, in what amounts, and when. This is the basis of intuitive eating. Using this extrasensory perception will guide us to feel our best and thrive on all levels.

Good Decision Making - Cool ESP Use #12

Do you consciously use your extrasensory perception in making good decisions throughout your day? When you do, you have the added advantage of a personal guidance system that always reliably guides you in the direction of your greatest joy. Good decision making is straightforward and clear using your extrasensory perception.

"The more and more each is impelled by that which is intuitive, or the relying upon the soul force within, the greater, the farther, the deeper, the broader, the more constructive may be the result."
~Edgar Cayce
(more intuition quotes)

So, how do you use your extrasensory perception? I'd love to hear about your experiences! As you choose to tap into your ESP more and more often, you are also expanding your consciousness, and your awareness of who you really are. How cool is that!?

Be the BIG LOVE you are!

Karen Whitaker

Last updated on June 20, 2015

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"I found Manifest Intuition after having some intense personal experiences with intuitive phenomena. I wasn't sure how to interpret these events, and I didn't feel like I had anyone to talk to about them. I felt very alone, and like I wasn't "in control" of myself or my mind! I was losing sleep and feeling very anxious. So after some internet searching, I found Manifest Intuition and I reached out to Karen for a session to get some guidance from her. In the weeks leading up to the session, I was able to successfully implement some of the techniques outlined on the website to help enhance my intuitive receptivity in a positive manner. I found Karen's guidance and advice extremely helpful. Even though I approached the session with some skepticism, after talking to Karen for just a few minutes I found that I had utmost confidence in her experience. Since our session, my intuitive development has made a complete 180 from a confusing, chaotic, and upsetting experience to a mindful, helpful, positive part of my life. I even captured some happy little orbs on camera this weekend without even trying - to me, this is a perfect indication that Karen helped steer me in the right direction! A session with her is well worth the investment for anyone seeking guidance in their intuitive development like me. I can't thank Karen enough for her great work!
~Cait W., Virginia"


"Karen has the skill to create a safe environment in which you can explore the places where you are the most comfortable accessing your intuition. And, her own intuitive abilities and energy also provide a safe space for this exploration.
~Leigh Perry, Sarasota, FL"


"Just found your material and am so grateful and
delighted 🙏 🙋.
~Tovah Delmont, New Jersey"


"Karen, you have given words to the feelings that were floating inside of me. With your channelling I felt totally affirmed-what I was sensing is so! I want to thank you once again for your powerful and affirming reading. Thank you for channelling me back into a state of wholeness as I resonated with your inner knowing and claimed my true identity and authentic Self. Your channelling is a beautiful gift; a crystal that has so many facets of light inside-each one true, and opening up a path of exploration. I feel Grace in the accuracy and clarity of your words. Thank you for offering me such a beautiful, strong, profound and insightful articulation of my process of growth. Please continue to share your great gift.
Eileen Grizer Feinman


"I've had the pleasure of knowing Karen for several years. We've had regular monthly calls for all of that time and she's an amazing intuitive and healer. Her spiritual guidance has been an integral part of my personal evolution. She is extraordinarily knowledgeable about energy and various healing modalities. And what was most important to me is that Karen practices all of the techniques that she shares with others. There is the highest level of integrity in her work and guidance. She's incredibly generous with her time and her spirit. She works with you from a completely nonjudgmental and objective place. You can trust that what she channels for you is pure. I would highly recommend working with Karen on your evolution into becoming more of who you really are.
~Jackie in Philadelphia"


"Karen, I just finished my Abe meditation and went into my inner being meditation that you recommended [in our session]. Feeling so blissful, my inner being voice recommended that I email you and thank you while maintaining that blissful feeling. So, thank you! :) this is really beginning to bear wonderful fruit. The self loving messages I've been receiving are gradually seeping over into my daily awareness. So, in summary, I'm getting exactly what I wanted. Thank you! :) And it's meeting all the sub goals of appreciating myself in the areas of health, teaching, relationships, and music: I sang and played guitar with my band yesterday the best I ever have and it was the first time we've played together in 6 years!
Happy New Year. :)
~Tom M. in Long Island"


"Thank you so much, Karen, for the impromptu intuitive session this morning! I was feeling a bit knotted up and confused, and your reading, your insights and your encouragement untied those knots and cleared away so much psychological and psychic debris. I am a new person. No, not a new person; just me, really ME again. Joy and light now flow freely again! You are such a wonderful combination of kindness and wisdom and I am grateful to have you in my life.
~Su Crutchfield in North Beach, MD"


"I am incredibly grateful for Karen's intuitive guidance and knowledge. During times of grief, loss and stress I have found comfort and healing from our sessions. She has helped me to embrace who I really am; and encourages meditation and EFT that makes such a difference. There is a feeling of empowerment; and more awareness. It has really made a difference in focusing on positive energy within myself and others. Karen, thank you for your warmth and generous spirit!
~Amy Gifford, North Beach"