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Another form of clairsentience is clairtangency, most often called psychometry. It describes the experience of receiving information or impressions about a person, place, animal or event as a result of your sense of touch. It is one of the easiest of the types of psychic abilities to open up to experiencing more.

Developing the ability of psychometry can assist you with developing all types of psychic abilities. The impressions received through touch can be experienced as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairempathy, claircognizance, mental telepathy, clairgustance or clairalience.

Psychometry Through A Hug                  

All of this through touch! A hug, a handshake, brushing up against someone, sitting in a chair used by someone else, holding someone else’s jewelry, article of clothing or handwritten letter could all illicit psychometric impressions.

My healing work with clients used to include craniosacral therapy and massage therapy. So I had frequent opportunities to incorporate impressions I received through touch, and it was a chance to further develop my intuition, too.

Often the impressions I received matched exactly the memories experienced and being released by my clients. This helped me to guide and coach them through the somatoemotional releasing.

Of course, it’s important to tune into and share psychic/intuitive impressions only when it benefits others and with their permission. This permission could be verbal, or through intuitively asking their higher self/Inner Being and receiving a clear “Yes,” as in the case of children or those beings unable to verbally communicate with you. This honors the energetic boundaries of others.

Clairgustance and Clairalience

Clairgustance (or psychic tasting) and clairalience (or psychic smelling, sometimes also called clairscent) are psychic abilities that are less commonly experienced. With clairgustance, the tasting of the essence of a substance or food occurs without anything that could cause the taste being in your mouth. And with clairalience, the smelling of a substance or food occurs without anything that could be the cause of the fragrance or odor being in your physical presence.

      Psychic Abilities - Peony Clairalience        

So clairgustance and clairalience are types of psychic abilities where you receive and interpret intuitive/psychic taste and smell impressions that can hold specific meaning for you.

Some mediums, communicating with the spiritual consciousness of others (in physical or nonphysical form) may experience smells or tastes associated with those they are communicating with. Examples would be smelling cigar smoke or specific perfumes, or tasting favorite foods.

On two different occasions, when thinking about something related to a spiritual teacher and mentor of mine (who is very much alive), I suddenly smelled the sweet, strong smell of jasmine. This is her favorite scent. I didn’t have jasmine anywhere in my house at those times. I know the clairalient experiences signified my connection with her spirit. And the timing was also significant for me.

An example of a clairgustant experience I had when I was pregnant was for the purpose of guidance. I woke up with a clear dream about eating steak with friends. This was strange for me, since I had at that time been vegetarian for about ten years.

For a long time after I woke up, I was still clearly tasting the delicious steak. When I used my intuition to tune into this I got that I was anemic-which was later validated by my medical practitioner. It turned out my body was needing the iron in the steak. The continued clairgustant taste of steak was guidance. And yes, I did then have steak!


Claircognizance (or psychic knowing) and all other psychic abilities make perfect sense considering who we really are. A small part of who we are has expression physically here on Earth. And the bigger part of who we are is nonphysical, our spiritual Source within. All types of psychic abilities give us access to communication with our nonphysical Inner Beings.

So with claircognizance, you are receiving wisdom and information from your Inner Being, in the form of ideas, concepts, and thoughts that suddenly come into your mind. With your receptivity, you have access to information you didn’t have before, in much the same way as a computer does once it’s finished downloading something. The skill comes in knowing what is claircognizance and what is your own mind chatter.

Psychic Knowing -                     
Eyeglasses Invention                    


Have you ever known how to fix or assemble something, without instructions or any experience with the design of the thing? You just somehow know with certainty. Or have you ever had ideas about a new, timely invention?

Or have you ever written, said or otherwise expressed new ideas or explanations about something you had not even thought about before? Or a totally new approach to some problem, whether personal or professional, coming to you from out of the blue? Do you ever just know exactly how a brand new relationship you or someone else is having will turn out-and then you are right? All claircognizance.

In my first year of college, I had a claircognizant experience that saved my life. The intoxicated driver of an 18-wheeler truck didn’t notice my car as he began to cross the highway directly ahead of me. My mind went blank. Then in a split second, I just knew how and when to turn my steering wheel, which I immediately did. Following this guidance exactly kept the main impact from crushing my driver’s door and me. My car was spun around up in the air. And I walked away from my totalled car without a scratch! Talk about appreciation and awe!

Remember, it’s not a question of whether or not you are intuitive/psychic, but rather how you are already using your extrasensory perception. So, which psychic abilities did you feel most familiar with in this article? Identifying this is a great starting point to experiencing communication with the bigger Spirit part of you even more!

Be the BIG LOVE you are!,

Karen Whitaker

Last updated June 20, 2015

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