Developing Intuition and Aligning
With Your Highest Inner Truth

In the interest of developing intuition, also known as psychic ability, let’s start before our beginning here on Earth. Before we are born, we are immersed in pure connection and communion with our Source, Spirit, God, called by so many names. We are made of this same awesome Source energy, this Infinite Intelligence that creates worlds! There is no belief in separation. And from this spiritual, blissful perspective, no need for developing intuition, because we are one with that wisdom.

When you choose to experience this bliss in a new physical form, you are born. Fully aligned with your Source, the freely loving frequency of your Being is a blessing to all!

You knew before birth that with the contrasting experiences on Earth, you might temporarily forget your true spiritual identity, and your authentic power. You also knew that the bigger part of who you are would remain in Spirit-always connected to you, continually communicating with you, unconditionally loving you, and guiding you back to the place where you remember and experience who you really are. How’s that for an Inner Teacher and Coach?  

Developing Intuition - Waterdrop Rippling OutDeveloping Intuition - Like A Waterdrop Rippling Out...Expansion From Within

"It is the intuition which reveals true Being and which induces a state of spiritual perception."

~Alice Bailey
(More Intuition Quotes)

The Ultimate Self Growth Journey

What sparked your interest in developing intuition? Most likely, it was a personal spiritual awakening that somehow opened your eyes to a reality beyond your usual daily experience. How exciting!

After your awakening, developing your intuition, in the broadest sense, is the process of focusing within and returning to the place where you remember and experience who you really are. It is the ultimate self growth journey of every seeker, divinely guided every step of the way. As Albert Einstein said, "The only real valuable thing is intuition."

Consciously developing intuition asks for positive intention, being honest with yourself, trusting yourself and following your heart, your inner intuitive Truth. (Click here for trusting yourself meditation page.) As Buddha said, “The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.”

As you become skilled in developing intuition and use the increasing clarity of your inner Truth in your daily life, making decisions becomes easier. You become more aware and more real. And your life flows more smoothly as things just seem to fall into place. What a relief!

Right now, wherever you are on your journey, wherever you are in the process of developing intuition, you can intend and make the commitment to reconnect your awareness more and more deeply with the guidance of Spirit, God within you. You are entering into the perfect partnership. It’s a trustworthy relationship with the loving, nonphysical part of You. The part of you that knows you better than you know yourself!

“It is always with excitement that I wake up in the morning wondering what my intuition will toss up to me, like gifts from the sea.  I work with it and rely on it.  It's my partner."  

~Jonas Salk 


As you embark on a life of inspiration through intuition, you might consider journalling your dreams and other psychic intuition experiences. Tape recording is also helpful in developing intuition-especially when you transcribe your information into a journal for easier reference.

Any kind of journal will do-some loose-leaf paper in a binder, a notepad or a hardback-bound journal. I prefer non-lined pages, so I can write as large or small as I’d like, and I can also do drawings or other artwork as I am inspired. Journal books that lie flat when opened are easier to use. A nearby book light, dimmer switch or flashlight for nighttime journalling is better than a bright light pulling you out of your receptive-to-intuition state. (By the way, some of my best intuitive/psychic information has come to me in the early morning hours!)

I keep my journal available throughout the day. Or, I have other paper to write on, so I can later transcribe it into my journal. It's fun to see your progression in this process!

Three-Part Process of Intuition

In general, developing intuition involves strengthening a three-part process:

  1. Formulating and asking questions of the bigger Spirit part of you
  2. Becoming receptive and receiving your personalized answer and
  3. Putting your answer into context (giving it a personal translation) and then using it!

So, learning how to question your Source, how to receive your personal answer, and then how to obtain your clear, easy translation are key. (More information on these will be upcoming.) Journalling your questions, answers received, personal translations, and inspired actions taken helps with building self confidence. It also helps you keep track of what you have asked for, so you can expect and be on the lookout for the answer!

Being present, living in the now, heightens your focus. By minimizing mental, emotional and physical distractions, you are more available and receptive to receiving the information and guidance that your bigger Spirit Self is always sending your way.

"I never came upon any of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking."
~Albert Einstein

Types of Intuitive/Psychic Abilities

Everyone receives intuitive information in some way, such as inner nudges, empathy, guidance in dreams, or flashes of insight. How have you already received this extrasensory information in your life? Journalling about the experiences you have already had will help you determine the types of intuitive/psychic abilities you are currently using.

The types of intuitive/psychic abilities I use most strongly are clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and empathy. This just means that most messages I receive intuitively are through visions or images in my mind’s eye, through the voice of Spirit within, through a sudden knowing and through feelings-based knowing or picking up on the feelings of others.

Knowing what abilities you are using can help you know where to focus your attention for the clearest information as you are developing intuition. Then you can choose what other types of intuition you want to open yourself to experiencing.

The Language of Intuition

Intuitive information can come to us in dreams and in our waking state. It can come to us through inner experience (like hearing messages or sounds within, or having a clear knowing about something) or outer experience (like the perfect book falling off a shelf at your feet in a bookstore, or overhearing a conversation of strangers that gives you your clear answer.)

How to Develop Intuition - Green ButterflyPersonal Symbology In Intuition -
What Does A Butterfly Mean To You?

In the language of intuition, there is also direct intuition and symbology. A direct intuitive message would be literal. On the other hand, one that uses symbology might have an image, number, color or sound suggestive to you of a relevant personal meaning.

Aligning With Inner Truth

When developing intuition, the goal is always to align yourself with receiving answers from your highest Inner Truth, Spirit within. You could potentially be open to receiving information, but not from a higher Source. You might instead be aligned with someone else’s thoughts or feelings, with your own false emotional place (like fear, anxiety, sadness or anger), or with your logical mind, replaying for the millionth time, mental “tapes” you picked up along the way.

How do you know when your answers are coming from your highest inner Truth? By how they sound and how you authentically feel. Inner Truth messages from Spirit within are always coming from a positive and loving place.

Sometimes they are something you had not considered, an “Aha”. Or, they could be a validation of messages you have been hearing or otherwise receiving many times before. Or sound like common sense. But never are Spirit’s messages fear-based or instructing you to hurt yourself or someone else!

When you are in a high vibration feeling-place receiving your Inner Truth, you are a match to positive messages. As you tune in from your authentically good-feeling place, these messages may seem neutral, or so very "of course!" natural, but never negative. Inner Truth always comes from a place of high vibration, and as you match that vibration, the messages hold that energy as well.

Energy and The Law of Attraction

Everything is made up of energy, including all of us. Our bodies, thoughts and feelings consist of varying vibrational frequencies of energy.

Whether or not we are conscious of it, we are always magnetizing to ourselves, into our lives, the things, people and experiences that match our predominant vibrational frequency. This is the universal law of attraction-simply, “like attracts like in essence”. For example, if we are angry, we attract more experiences to be angry about, and if we are putting out an energy of appreciation and love, we attract more experiences to appreciate and love. I’m sure you can recall personal experiences with this!

The Law of Attraction and Intuition

Living with an awareness of the law of attraction, we take personal responsibility for ourselves, our lives and what we are co-creating with Spirit. No longer feeling like our lives are happening to us, we understand how we play an active role in manifesting what our hearts desire.

Choosing better and better feeling thoughts, we feel better. And when we feel better, we line up energetically with allowing into our lives what we desire.

By developing intuition and living with awareness of the law of attraction at the same time, you are empowering your experience all the more. (As I wrote that last sentence, an image message of doors opening more quickly came to me.)

Both intuition and consciously using the law of attraction guide you toward greater alignment with your Inner Being. What a powerful combination!

Your Unique Experience

The exciting process of developing intuition is as unique as you are. This site offers information, intuition exercises and tools to assist you along the way. At your own pace, try out what you are drawn to, and skip over what doesn’t feel right for you. This way, you customize your experience, using your intuition, of course! Enjoy!

Be the BIG LOVE you are!

~ Karen Whitaker
Life Transformation Specialist

Last updated February 9, 2017

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