My Lifelong Inner Journey With Meditation

As a child, I remember the inner journey of meditation naturally flowing out of experiences in nature...

  • sitting on the grass watching ants navigate rough terrain carrying spoils of the day on their backs
  • seeing spiders masterfully knitting their web homes and eating their visitors
  • laying on the top roofless floor of the treefort my friends and I built looking up at the treetops and clouds in the sky
  • bringing my dog for countless walks
  • picking wild blueberries
  • walking through the lush, glistening Washington state forests after a rainfall
  • catching tadpoles and frogs and lightening bugs…

"What else is nature but God?"

Inner Journey - Frog on Lily PadMeditation on a Frog

I had no need to learn meditation then - it was a state of being I slipped into easily (as do all young children). I was intuitively, energetically communing with, being with, BEING the bigger ME who is always one with All-That-Is. Not that I knew that’s what it was then! :)

In 1987, in my early 20s, my then-partner and I learned Transcendental Meditation together. His father had learned T.M. for lowering his blood pressure and stress and told us all about it.

I had been doing my own version of meditating “naps” each afternoon, gliding into that delicious inner journey space of peaceful clarity and Connection, and thought it would be fun to practice the structure that T.M. offers.

Our instructor came to our house to teach us over several days, giving us our personal mantras and checking our technique. I found it all very interesting and fun. It was another way to reach the same experience I had been having all my life.

Meditation – a universal inner journey experience, a pure no-thought state of BEING - can be enjoyed with so many different methods or vehicles. It’s best that we each find the way or ways that feel the best for us, feel most like “home” to us.

Sprinkled in with the Transcendental Meditation I did for many years, I tried other meditations and guided meditations on tape, in books, in countless personal growth workshops, with teachers and therapists of various spiritual backgrounds.

I loved being exposed to so many creative ways that the experience of meditation was explained, perceived, and enjoyed by so many on so many different paths. Meditation and how we choose to enter into this inner journey state of no-thought, is a truly individual experience.

After many years of meditating, I noticed that I was naturally and consciously, like I did as a child, bringing that no-thought inner journey experience into my daily life in different ways. Doing the dishes, cooking, walking in nature, working out at the gym, throwing a pot on the wheel, taking a bath, receiving a massage or giving one, having lovely conversations with my patients at the hospital were all opportunities to merge at the same time with all of ME.

I also noticed that in the no-thought place of meditation, I was open to greater intuitive communication with my Spirit-Source, many forms of Spirit that appeared to me in various ways within. I had always had a deep interest in developing my intuition, and now, I was once again given my natural childhood way of learning, experiencing, knowing, playing! I was given the opportunity, and boy, did I want this, to be more tuned in as I had been as a younger child! Intuition development by going to the Source!

"If you want to find God, hang out in the space between your thoughts."
~Alan Cohen

In 1993, through a series of “sychronistic” events, I met an Indian woman, a spiritual teacher of the Siddha Yoga lineage, Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, a guru. I had not been looking for a guru on my inner journey. I just wanted to have an even more personal relationship with God, my Source, and meeting her was the next step on that path for me.

"Turn within. Meditate on the Truth inside. It is only when you separate yourself from your habitual reality that you experience something higher, something more sublime, and are able to live in divinity. Then you no longer seek divinity - you live in divinity."
~Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

The Siddha Yoga meditation and other practices deepened my spiritual experience further, and I ended up visiting and living on ashrams around the world. In India, where I lived for over a year with Gurumayi and hundreds of others on her ashram (the same one described in the book/movie Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert), I learned ways to bring my meditative experience even more profoundly into my everyday reality.

The relationship with my own Inner Guru, Inner Being came more and more into the forefront, spotlight, focus. I am the happiest when my now reality includes the bigger perspective of my Inner Being!

Post-ashram, I followed my Guidance to broaden my intuitive development at Spirit School of the Intuitive Arts, among other things, and to become further trained and have a private practice as a nurse massage therapist/craniosacral therapist/energyworker. A mouthful, I know. Basically, I enjoy sharing a meditative state with my clients in which I intuitively flow perfectly-guided sessions.

Types of Meditation - Child by the Shore in the SandMotherhood Meditation

It was during this time that I met my now-partner, a mirror of my joy of life, my Spirit mate, and started a family. In meditation together, we were visited by each of our children before they were born, as they came to play with us once again and foretell of their coming.

Meditation as a mother is deeper-still. Countless blissful meditations while conceiving, while pregnant, while birthing, while nursing or playing with my babies, now tween and teen children, while living life with delightful Beings who share my loving passion for joy!

"When you quiet your mind, you offer no thought; and when you do so, you offer no resistance; and when you have activated no resistant thought, the vibration of your Being is high and fast and pure."
Abraham/Esther Hicks

And add to this amazing inner journey and outer journey greater clarification of my/our power as Creator highlighted by the teachings and meditations of Abraham-Hicks! This greater understanding and application of Law of Attraction has been icing on the cake, knowings my family and I have played with together and keep incorporating more fully into our ongoing glorious dance! It just keeps getting better and better!!

I just love how kids easily live using their intuition. They know they are powerful creators and are less removed from the reality of fully, consciously always BEING their Inner Beings. They have so much to share just by being their own wonder-filled selves. We all do!

My partner and I live our “real” lives like everyone does. And we love exploring greater joy with each other and with our children in new ways all the time, focusing on the best in our lives and attracting the best. We keep reminding each other that on this outer and inner journey, there is always More and More and More!

Meditation stills the mind and opens awareness of conscious Connection with our Source in Spirit. And so do the vibrational states of joy, passion, bliss, wonder, and genuine FUN! To anyone who asks, I highly recommend daily meditation, along with daily passionate, loving, wonder-filled FUN! Don’t leave home without it! :)

Be the BIG LOVE you are!

~ Karen Whitaker
Life Transformation Specialist

Last updated June 28, 2015

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